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Executive Coaching and Media Training

The secret to a great presentation is a polished, confident speaker.  We can help you master the art of speechmaking and prepare you for news media interviews (print, television, radio and Web-based) in such a way that you will never be surprised and never be at a loss for words.  We can custom-design communication training programs to meet your specific needs.  Whether you desire one-on-one or group training sessions, Lentini Creative Communications can make them happen.

We believe in positive reinforcement.  Many media trainers use the “break-them-down, then build-them-up” approach, conducting hostile interviews that leave your executives embarrassed and reluctant to ever face a reporter again.  We take the opposite approach, because we want our clients to be confident and comfortable in any situation.  Our goal is to empower your spokespeople to take control of the speech or interview.   We’ll help you analyze both the reporter conducting the interview and the audience behind that reporter, the people you really want to reach.  We’ll teach you to anticipate questions so that you are prepared for anything, and we’ll arm you with media messages that will get your point of view across every time.

Lentini Creative Communications has successfully coached senior executives for appearances on the network evening news, cable business news shows, streaming video feeds, Congressional hearings and other public venues. 

Your spokesperson is a reflection of your company.  Put your best foot forward with Lentini Creative Communications.
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