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Now, you can place your CEO live on national television…

  • Without ever leaving the office;
  • Using your own staff;
  • For less than you could ever imagine.

Studio-in-a-Box provides you a state-of-the-art TV studio live-linked directly to networks and cable news outlets worldwide.

* * *

How would you like to have Bloomberg, Fox and CNBC calling every quarter for a live update on company earnings?  How would you like to position your CEO as a TV expert on industry trends or events of the day? Studio-in-a-Box puts the power of television at your fingertips.  And now, with streaming video, those TV appearances may be leveraged many times over via the Internet.  Suddenly, your reach is enormous.

Before Studio-in-a-Box, appearing on television was a hassle.  You had to travel to some cross-town studio for just a couple minutes of airtime… or a video crew would come in and disrupt the entire office.   Maintaining an in-house studio was prohibitively expensive, with cameras, satellite uplinks, mixers and production equipment adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars—not counting the extra staff required to operate all that complex hardware.

Today, there’s a far better solution: Studio-in-a-Box.

For less than the cost of a single camera the TV stations use, you can have a complete television studio right in your own office building, with direct links to all the broadcast and cable networks, turnkey, in just a few short weeks.

Studio-in-a-Box works just as well for videotaping employee communications for your company intranet and for communicating directly with shareholders, customers and other stakeholders via your company Web page.

Studio-in-a-Box provides everything you needhigh-definition camera, lighting, mixers, remote hardware, backdrops, monitors, microphones, earpieces and soundproofing.  We can even supply a teleprompter.  All you need is a spare office and access to fiber optic cabling.

No need for extra staff; we’ll train your current employees.  In a pinch, we’ll provide an operator at a reasonable hourly rate.

Best of all, your executive team can appear on national television anytime… without ever leaving the office.

To take your PR program to the next level with Studio-in-a-Box, contact us.

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