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Media Relations

An old PR pro had a standard stump speech to convey the importance of media relations.  He’d hold up the front section of the daily newspaper and begin clipping out stories placed through PR.  By the end of his speech, the paper would be in tatters.

Telling your story through the media via news or feature stories is one of the most effective ways of building your organization’s reputation and attracting customers and new business.  But, about the worst thing you can do in a media interview is just sit there and answer questions.  You have to have a game plan, and that plan must include carefully crafted media messages that convey the points you want to talk about and that are most important to your key audiences.  The point is to take control and make the story what you want it to be, rather than where the reporter may wish to take it.

Lentini Creative Communications will “sell” your company’s stories to television, print, radio and Web-based media.  We’ll help you develop and refine the media messages that are most important to furthering your business objectives.  We’ll help you narrow and prioritize the list of messages, develop examples to illustrate and reinforce your story, coach your spokesperson beforehand and even manage the interview as it takes place.  Then, we’ll handle any follow-up.

Developing a trusting relationship with the news media can pay off handsomely as your company becomes the go-to organization for expert commentary on your industry or business in general.  That kind of trust is most valuable during crisis situations, where credibility and a good reputation can make all the difference in how your company is perceived.

Lentini Creative Communications will put  your company on the map.
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