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Corporate & Marketing Communications/Investor Relations

Tony Lentini has more than 30 years of Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Marketing experience with some of America’s largest companies.  Capabilities include:

  • Writing, editing, production of annual and quarterly reports, news releases, Web content, brochures, corporate videos and advertising (print and electronic);
  • Corporate events—from a garden party at the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza to receptions, dinners, speeches and Congressional door-knocking visits by foreign heads of state—we can handle any project, large or small, that will help your company get noticed;
  • International relations—helping establish your business in new countries overseas, including developing government contacts;
  • Writing, editing and production of investor relations presentations, booking of analyst meetings, preparation of conference call materials and Board letters;
  • Planning and execution of advertising and marketing campaigns, including writing and production of all collateral materials and sales brochures;
  • Short-term staffing assignments in corporate departments.
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